What they have to say…

“His ways of working and insights into the text are simple and repeatable.”

– Richard Yearwood

“Conrad helped me find a way IN to a character…”

– Karen Leblanc

“He taught me that it is all in the preparation.”

– Julian DeZotti

“He teaches no tricks, no cheats: just honest feedback, clear instruction and a simple, accessible approach to text.”

– Andrea Blakey

“His approach forced me to be honest and precise in my execution of a script.”

– Romaine Waite

“His personal and challenging teaching style brought me closer to the material than I'd ever been… ”

– Ed Row

“Conrad focuses on the specific needs of each individual actor, challenging and encouraging them to reach deeper and explore their creative mind. ”

– Natalia Napierski

“Conrad comes across as truly caring about YOUR success as a Professional Actor. He wants you to succeed and also comes across as willing to take the time to help you get there.”

– Paul R. Whitaker