On Camera Audition Technique Workshop

This 2 day audition workshop will focus on learning the how to's and what not to do's of on-camera auditioning for film and television. You will work on developing a particular skill set, geared to auditioning and working in front of the camera which will allow you to demonstrate personality and craftsmanship, with the confidence that will set you apart from the others. You will be taught the tools for a repeatable technique and learn how to apply them, from breaking down sides to delivering a natural on camera performance.

With Conrad Coates

Saturday & Sunday, February 25-26 10-6 pm
Location: Studio 105
540 Sherbourne Street Toronto
Class size limited to 6

On Camera Acting Workshop

There are many performers that work under a cloud of uncertainty when they try to bring their performance in front of the camera. Working under assumptions that smaller is better or it's “all in the eyes" leaving them to believe that's all they need to do!

In this On-Camera Acting class you'll learn a proper technique for interpreting the text, building your character and working with the camera. You will learn text analysis as the key to unlocking the subtleties and nuances of the story and your characters story within the story. Thereby making strong choices based on the text, along with you and your imagination. This class provides intensive practice in on-camera acting technique.

With Conrad Coates (Tron, Lost Girl, Warehouse 13, Degrassi, Haven) has more than 27 years experience on set and in front of the camera. IMDB

Saturday & Sunday, February 11-12 10-6 pm
Location: Studio 105
540 Sherbourne Street Toronto
Class size limited to 6

Intermediate/Advanced Conservatory Acting Training

Using a conservatory style structure using 10 minute play text over an eight week period, you and a scene partner will prepare your characters for in class and showcased presentations. Over the 8 weeks you'll learn to build characters you can be confident playing. You will learn repeatable techniques for effective and intensive text and scene analysis. There will be two single classes dedicated, soley to voice and text. The teaching structure is challenging, while encouraging you to go further and deeper in your preparation. You will develop skills to think and work faster when ever the situation demands it.

With Conrad Coates & Richard Stewart

Starting February 26, 2017
Sunday evenings 6-9 pm
Location: Studio 105
540 Sherbourne Street Toronto

The American dialect, EH!

The two day workshop will be focusing on the American Dialect for Canadian actors. All source material we’ll be working on in class will come from American shows being filmed in Canada.

Day 1

Rather than focusing on words and specific pronunciations we will begin with character and how their background, education, profession and social status influence their specific speech pattern and tone. Then layer that, with the American cultural influence, into the characters attitudes towards relationships. (And yes contrary to popular belief there is culture in America.) Combining the two we will be able to implement them into the mind set of your characters to make stronger choices for your objectives, and intentions into your scenes.

Day 2

We will combine what we accomplished in Day 1 and now begin to polish your performances by eliminating Canadian inflections in your speech. We’ll go over specific words, Canadian Raising, and delve into different U.S. regions. Everyone will be assigned scenes to work from before the start of the workshop and receive a new scene to work from at the end of class Day 1. We will be taping all the work to be able to note progress.

Private Coaching

Brian is available to do coaching via skype/factime or in person when available. The session requires you send the material ahead of time so we can maximize the time we have.

$30 for 30 or $50 for 60 minutes


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