Welcome to Coates & Company

A Toronto acting studio that offers affordable and practical acting classes for the absolute beginner, the aspiring community theatre actor, as well as a conservatory style training program for professionals and non-professional actors in theater, television and film.

At Coates and Company we have advanced adult acting and auditioning classes for children and teens where they will learn how to tell their own stories. Intermediate and advanced adult acting classes for apprentices and professionals already in the industry.

You can only be a great actor when you know what’s going on in the world and in yourself on the deepest levels. In our acting classes the quest for this awareness is fundamental to the work.

Coates & Company is a place for you to study with seasoned, award winning teachers. Our acting classes will develop your imagination while removing blocks that will allow you to express your unique talent.

Untapped and untrained, talent is tragically wasted. Focused and trained talent yields thrilling rewards few ever experience.

Class Locations

540 Sherbourne Street

Studio 105

Toronto, ON M4X 1L2

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